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EducationMattersMediation.com facilitates the resolution of conflicts and/or unsatisfactory relationships in the workplace, with total confidentiality ensured.


EducationMattersMediation.com is a Virtual Platform for Conflict Resolution. Together with its fully certified Mediators, it is the ideal environment for parties in disagreement to resolve their differences quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

EducationMattersMediation Virtual Platform has the added benefit of enabling users to resolve their conflict in the privacy and comfort of their own home or chosen location.

The EducationMattersMediation service is entirely confidential: only the mediator, who is bound by the rule of confidentiality, and the case participants themselves have access to any information about their case.

If you are suffering conflict or unsatisfactory relationships in your workplace, EducationMattersMediation is the perfect package for you. Go to the Mediators Page, choose your mediator, click contact and fill in the initial contact form.

On receipt of your form, the mediator will check his/her availability and will set about arranging a one-on-one private meeting with you and with the other participants, followed by a mediation session with all case participants.

Follow-on sessions can be arranged as required.

Before engaging in mediation, it is necessary for all participants to sign an Agreement to Mediate Form.

Get Started

Step 1

Talk to the other party/parties in the conflict, and/or your employer/management board
As an applicant for mediation, you must have the consent of the other party or parties in your case in order to engage in mediation. You must also know who will be responsible for meeting the cost of mediation – your employer/management body, case participants jointly, you as the applicant, or other.


Step 2

Choose a mediator
Go to the Mediators page, make your choice of mediator, and fill in the initial contact form.

Your contact details and any information you provide will be strictly confidential and subject to the laws of GDPR.

Step 3

Case review
The Mediator reviews the dispute and issues any preliminary directions/clarifications necessary.

Step 4

Case preparation
The Mediator will arrange brief one-on-one meetings with each participant in your case. 

Step 5

Supporting Documents
Only strictly necessary supporting documents are allowed. These can be securely uploaded by case participants and, if required, they can be shared safely with other case participants. Privacy and security are a priority.


Step 6

Date of Mediation
Date of the first mediation session is assigned.

Step 7

Mediation Sessions
First mediation session takes place and follow-up sessions are arranged as deemed appropriate. 

Step 8

When the time is right, the mediator draws up an Agreement to empower the parties to move on from the conflict. This final Agreement must be agreed, accepted, and signed by the parties in the case. 

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